MIM Safe Variocage Safety & Testing

In 2009, The Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) in Borås developed a new and more rigorous method for testing crates — the Safe Pet Crate Test (SPCT) developed in conjunction with MIM Construction AB.

Crash Test Dummy

The MIM Safe Variocage meets this new standard for crash tested dog crates and is certified for safety by SP. In addition, MIM has developed over 350 crash tested safety products for the automotive industry and applied this knowledge and experience to the design of the Variocage.

Car In accident
Car in accident with variocage in tact
first responders helping victim as dogs are safely looking on
variocage in tact in damaged vehicle

car accident
car accident with variocage
dog safe after car accident

Variocage Road Accident Pet Safety

Variocage Road Accident Pet Safety In the above photos, the insurance companies have declared all vehicles a total loss. There were tremendous forces experienced in these accidents with some qualifying as potentially lethal crashes. In all cases, the driver, passengers and the dog (traveling in the MIM Safe Variocage) survived in perfect health.

“According to MIM Construction, a crash tested crate is one that undergoes testing in as close to a real-life situation as possible and follows the standards and practices used by automotive manufacturers to certify their vehicles according to law and regulation.”Thomas Bergsten, MIM Construction

Every seventh traffic accident is a rear-end collision

In all modern automobiles, the rear cargo area is designed to function as a crumple zone in order to protect occupants in the event of a collision. When a collision compresses the car’s rear end, the items placed in the cargo area are thrust forward.

If there is a dog crate in the cargo compartment, it will move forward toward the rear seat backrest, and it can be crushed depending on the vehicle, crate, and severity of the impact.

Over the past twenty years, MIM Construction AB has designed and manufactured over 350 crash tested automotive safety products that are effective in reducing the risk of serious injury or death for drivers, passengers, and pets. MIM has gained extensive experience and knowledge from hundreds of crash tests where MIM designs and products have been utilized.

Variocage is based on MIM’s experience in the production of auto safety products and accessories and incorporates the same crumple zone engineering principles used by automobile manufacturers to reduce the potentially devastating impact of a serious collision.

MIM Construction AB worked with Swedish government agencies to develop the Safe Pet Crate Test (SPCT). This is now a standard for assessing the safety of dogs traveling in crates, as well as the safety of human occupants during a collision.

MIM continues to improve their products and has now released the latest generation Variocage, which passes the SPCT crash test. Additionally, crash test performance of the MIM Safe Variocage was measured against the criteria established in ISO 27955 | ECE R-17 | ECE R-44 | SPCT with a dog dummy weighing 99 lbs in a single cage and two (2) dog dummies weighing 77 lbs each in a double cage at speeds exceeding 30 mph.

In a rear-end collision, the Variocage will be compressed in a controlled manner mimicking the automobile’s crumple zone. The result is that rear seat back will not be pushed forward by the crate. This will prevent the cage and your dog from causing serious injury to human occupants.

The Variocage crumple zone also protects your dog from being injured by limiting the deformation of the crate in a rear-end collision. In addition, the MIM Safe Variocage also reduces the risk of injury to your dog because it is designed to minimize puncture wounds and lacerations from the cage material. The MIM Safe Variocage is carefully crafted so that no feature on the crate can harm the dog.

The Variocage is constructed of steel. It is flexible enough to absorb impacts and strong enough to retain its shape.

The Variocage is the only dog crate on the market built to meet government crash test safety standards.

MIM Safe Variocage features an escape hatch. This very important feature allows you to remove your dog from the vehicle after a collision.

All Variocage models are equipped with tie-down straps for securing the cage to cargo anchor points, a rubber carpet, and safety locks (keys included).

The quality of the Variocage is second to none. They are designed to last a lifetime.