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MIM Variocage Real World Performance

Protect yourself, your family and your pet from the devastating effects of a collision. Variocage prevents your dog from becoming a dangerous flying object, being thrown from the vehicle or escaping after an accident. Variocage also mimics the function of the vehicle’s crumple-zones, greatly diminishing the risk of injuries to your loved ones. Variocage is the ONLY Crash Tested Dog Cage using Government Automotive Safety Standards and Certified using the Safe Pet Crash Test Standard – (SPCT)*
Testing Performed by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

"According to MIM Construction, a crash tested crate is one that undergoes testing in as close to a real-life situation as possible and follows the standards and practices used by automotive manufacturers to certify their vehicles according to law and regulation." 
- Thomas Bergsten, MIM Construction
car accident
car accident with first responders
magnled car
variocage safe after accident
dog safe after car accident
car accident on side
dog safe after car accident
mangled car