MIM Variocage Sizing Guide - Measuring Your Pet & Vehicle

MIM Safe Variocage Sizing Guide

Measuring your dog and vehicle for an MIM Variocage Product is important, as returns for incorrect sizing cannot be made. If you are unsure, we do offer a sizing guarantee through the manufacturer for all MIM products. This is completely free of charge and helps ensure you get the right size without the guesswork. Please fill out this form if you are interested. Alternatively, you may also email us at contact@petschoicesupply.com, or give us a call at 888-557-7387.

We guarantee satisfaction and guarantee sizing & fit. If there is any mistake made on our end in regards to sizing based on your measurements, we can gladly take a return. 

Measuring Your Pet

It is important to start by measuring your pet first before measuring your vehicle. Proper fit for your dog’s comfort is vital to its safety.

Hold the measuring tape in one hand and place the free end at the front edge of your dog’s nose pulling it straight back to the base of his tail. This will give you the length measurement for your dog. You will need to add Three (3) inches to allow the dog room to turn around in the MIM Safe Variocage.

Place the tape at the top of the shoulder and measure down to the floor to get a proper height measurement. Add Three (3) inches to give the dog plenty of room if he wants to stand up.

Be sure to estimate your dog’s adult size if you order his crate while he is still growing. You can check his breed standard to get an estimate of what size he will reach at maturity to make sure your crate is large enough.

Proper measuring will assure that your pet can comfortably stand, sit, turn around, and lie down in his cage. You can always add a divider panel in the MIM Safe Variocage Double if necessary, and reserve the remaining space until your pet grows into it.

As a general rule, if you’re not sure which size to select, choose a larger size.


Measuring your dog for Variocage


Variocage Sizing Chart

See PDF printable diagram for measuring your pet

Measuring your Vehicle

The MIM Variocage models come in total of 14 different sizes to ensure there is a perfect fit for your vehicle. Each size is also adjustable in length to ensure there is a right fit for your vehicle. MIM Variocages are best suited for Station Wagons, Minivans, and SUVs.

  1. Measure the narrowest usable area across the floor of the cargo area where you would position the crate (A)
    (Note: The narrowest usable area is often between the rear wheel wells or at the bottom of the cargo door entrance.)
  2. Measure the usable length of the cargo floor from the back seat to the door sill (B)
    (Note: The front and back of the dog cage are angled. Total cage length is approximately 12″ narrower at the top.)
  3. Measure the height from the cargo floor to the lowest point at the top of the cargo door entrance (C)
    (Note: Be sure to measure the shortest point which is often at the sides of the cargo entrance not in the middle.)
Measuring Cargo Area for Variocage

MIM Safe Variocage is adjustable in length. The slope of the front, back and side are angled so it can easily fit in a typical cargo area. If you have a door with a steep angle, it may not close properly with the crate fully extended. Consider the final adjusted length of the dog cage to be sure it will offer enough space for your dog.

Variocage demonstration

The MIM Safe Variocage is also angled towards the top on both the front and the back of the dog cage and is adjustable in length so it can fit in a variety of vehicles. The slope of the front and back of the cage is approximately the same as the slope of the backseat.

The roof of the dog cage is shorter in length than the floor in consideration of the angle of the back seat, as well as the angle of the rear entryway door. Measuring length as indicated above will provide for a proper fit in almost all suitable vehicles.

The roof of the cage is narrower in width than the floor to allow for a proper fit in almost all suitable vehicles.

See PDF printable diagram for measuring your vehicle

MIM Variocage Vehicle Application

You can use MIM Construction's vehicle application to find the write model for your car. Please note that this application does not contain all vehicles and it should only be used as a recommendation or a starting point. We highly suggest you still measure your own vehicle to be 100% sure.


MIM Variocage Dimensions

Variocage Single and Double Sizing Chart


See PDF printable diagram for MIM Variocage dimensions