The Truth About Pet Safety

4x4 North America, partnered with MIM Construction AB are industry leaders when it comes to efforts in raising awareness on traveling safely with pets. Here at Pet’s Choice Supply, as one of MIM Construction’s distributors, we are helping with the cause with spreading studies and information to inform pet owners and professionals out there on the truth about pet safety. There is a lot of misconception and misinformation about travel safety and crash dynamics currently and it is concerning to say the least when this information is taken as fact. By providing accurate information on our end, we hope to help combat this issue and help educate the public.

Standard car safety ratings utilize testing from front impact, rear impact, and rollover testing because each of these scenarios are recognized by safety agencies to be of high risk to passengers. Besides these different crash scenarios, safety agencies also recognize automobile safety features, such as crumple zones and cargo areas, and how these features respond to impact during automobile accidents.

MIM Construction AB has been working in the crash safety industry for over 30 years and has extensive knowledge testing their products against government automotive crash safety standards for front impact, rear impact, and rollovers. The MIM Safe Variocage has been engineered with safety as the forefront in terms of design, not only for the pets, but for others in the vehicle. The MIM Variocage has a proven track record of safety for over a decade long.

Many dog crates on the market today are only tested solely for frontal impact while not taking into consideration of other occupants in the vehicle or actual vehicle safety standards. This paints a false representation of presumed safety and crashworthiness. Simply suggesting that using cargo hooks and straps alone to secure a dog crate is contradictory to recommendations by safety agencies and can ultimately prove harmful or fatal for pets and other occupants in a vehicle during the event of an accident.

There is a dire need for official safety regulations and standardized testing for traveling with pets. These regulations and testing methods need to incorporate all aspects of crash testing and work with vehicle safety features. This is the only way to help people travel safely with their pets.