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Clearly Loved Pets Medium Lucidium Clear Dog Pen

Clearly Loved Pets

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Clearly Loved Pets Medium Lucidium Clear Dog Pen

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The Clearly Loved Pets Medium Lucidium Dog Pen is an oversized dog pen enclosure that gives dog owners an alternative to the typical crate. Leaving a dog alone at home in a typical crate can be stressful for both the owner and dog and the Lucidium Dog Pen now makes that completely unnecessary. 

The Lucidium Dog Pen by Clearly Loved Pets comes in five different color choices, walk-in access via a drop-down bar, and clear panels for full visibility for the owner and the pet. No bars!

Clearly Loved Pet’s Lucidium Dog Pens are only intended for small to medium dog breeds, and other small to medium sized animals like rabbits, kittens, guinea pigs, etc. The Lucidium Dog Pens are not designed for larger dog breeds.

Lucidium Medium Dog Pen Features & Benefits

  • Can assemble as 48” x 48” or 24” x 72”
  • A great alternative to the typical crate, as it is much larger and has a full 360 degree view. 
  • The clear acrylic wall panels on the Lucidium Dog Pen give the dog a clear view of their surroundings. No obstructions from bars found in traditional crates!
  •  Aesthetically superior than the typical crate, the Lucidium Dog Crate gives dog owners a better viewing pleasure of their pet and is not an eyesore in the home. 
  • The modular design in the Lucidium Dog Pen allows it to change sizes with the expansion kit, or you can change the overall shape with the bump-out kit
  • The walk-through door allows for easy cleaning in the Lucidium Dog Pen, as well as overall easy access, which is also a benefit for pet owners who are older or have health challenges.
  • The Lucidium Dog Pen by Clearly Loved Pets comes in five different frame colors to choose from: Blue, Green, Pink, Gunmetal, and Silver. This gives you the option of choosing a color to match your overall decor or your pet's gender!
  • Comes with a 90-day limited warranty on parts and workmanship.

Medium Lucidium Dog Pen Specifications

  • Scratch resistant aluminum frame
  • Clear acrylic wall panels
  • Injection molded plastic connectors
  • Width: 48″
  • Length: 48″
  • Height: 27″ or 36″
  • The Medium pen as ordered can also be set up with width = 24″ and Length = 72″

Use & Care Instructions

How to Introduce Your Dog to the Lucidium Dog Pen

After you have fully assembled your Lucidium Dog Peg, bring your dog up to the clear acrylic walls and tap on them to show that there is a wall there. There might be a learning curve where some dogs may bump into the clear walls, but most adjust quickly.

If bumping into the walls becomes an issue, you can place a piece of colored tape or some sort of other material on the clear wall panels at your dog’s eye level for a week to allow your dog to adjust.

How to Clean Your Lucidium Dog Pen

The clear acrylic walls should be cleaned with a non-ammonia glass cleaner or a solution of diluted vinegar and water (4 parts water to 1 part vinegar) and a soft cloth. Mild soap and water can also be used to clean the Lucidium Dog Pen.

It is not recommended to use ammonia based glass cleaners or any other sort of abrasive cleaners. The other parts of the pen can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

Upkeep & Maintenance

It is recommended by the manufacturer that you periodically check the fasteners to see if they are snug. The door hardware should also be examined to see if the fasteners are secure. Do not over tighten any of the hardware.

Lucidium Dog Pen Disassembly

The Lucidium Dog Pen can be partially or completely disassembled (except the door frame, it is permanently assembled) if you need to move or store it.

To disassemble, simply reverse the initial assembly steps.

In order to move an assembled Lucidium Dog Pen, close and latch the door and secure the swing arm with the two sliding sleeves.

Sizing FAQ

There is no specific size that is perfect for a given dog breed. However, here are some important factors to consider:

  • How much space is available? Measure your floor space so you know how much room you have available for your pen. Our standard pens are: Small – 2′ x 4′, Medium – 4′ x 4′, Large – 4′ x 6′. We also offer kits to change the shape or size in 2 foot increments.
  • Why are you buying the pen? Will your pet be in it for just short periods of time while you are home, or will he be left alone for hours while you are at work? Our pens are intended to give your pet a comfortable, safe space. They should be able to move around.
  • What will you include in the pen? Are you going to add a bed, food and water bowls, a pee pad? These will take up some of the available space. Leave room for your fur baby to move around too.
  • How big will your dog eventually get? A smaller size might be fine for a puppy but consider your pet’s expected full size. You can add on to the pen later with our kits or buy bigger now and leave out a couple of wall sections until later.
  • How high can your dog jump? All of our pens are intended for small and medium breeds. Our 36″ high pens are intended for small and medium breeds that can jump over the shorter 27″ walls.
Assembly & Operation

Lucidium Dog Pen Assembly Video

Lucidium Door Operation Video


Lucidium Dog Pen Shipping Information

Lucidium Dog Pens ship free via UPS ground from West Palm Beach, FL. Orders generally take 1-2 business days to process and ship out.

Please reference the map below to see shipping time estimates:



For expedited shipping options, please call us before ordering so we can give you a quote.


Lucidium Dog Pen Warranty

What does this warranty cover?

We are happy to provide a warranty on the component parts of our Lucidium Dog Pen.

This warranty provides that we will repair or replace any defects in materials or workmanship in your new Lucidium Dog Pen for 90 days after the purchase date, including the cost of shipping, parts, and labor.

What is not covered by this warranty?

The warranty applies only to the person who bought the product, or to a person registered as a gift recipient. Warranties will not transfer to second party purchases.

If the product is improperly used or subject to improper assembly, the warranty is voided. Usage and assembly instructions are provided in our Lucidium Dog Pen User’s Guide.

The warranty applies to components of the product that are defective. It does not cover components that are broken by the user, or pet, as a result of misuse. Replacements for broken or worn-out parts are available for purchase at a minimal charge.

The pen’s acrylic panels and coated aluminum tubes are both scratch resistant, but not completely scratch proof. Normal wear and tear should be expected. Minor scratching on acrylic panels and aluminum tubes may result from normal usage and are not covered by warranty.

The warranty does not cover “indirect, incidental, or consequential damage” (injury to animals, damage to flooring) resulting from use or misuse of the product.

The warranty does not cover damage from improper maintenance (for example: cleaning acrylic with ammonia). Users must follow the care guidelines provided in our Lucidium Dog Pen User Guide.

The warranty is voided if the customer significantly alters the product.

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    love this unique design

    our favorite part about this pen besides how large it is is that it is see through. It doesn’t make my dog look like hes in a jail cell!

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