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Hale Custom Dimension Pet Door for Walls

Hale Pet Door

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Hale Custom Dimension Pet Door for Walls

While the twelve standard sizes for the Hale Pet Door for Walls are generally enough to satisfy most customer needs, there are instances where a custom dimension model is needed.

Please note: You must select the correct square inch range on the first drop down option. If you select the incorrect one, your order will be immediately cancelled. For example, if you measure 10" for the rough cut width, and 23" for the rough cut height, you must select the 211" to 252" square in range. Any wrong selections will be cancelled as this determines pricing.

The Hale Custom Dimension Pet Door for Walls is ideal for several different types of installation scenarios:

Pre-existing hole in the wall

Often customers may switch from one brand pet door to another. Sizing conventions generally do not match up from brand to brand, and switching brands means altering the size of the hole in the wall. A custom Hale Pet Door can allow you to use the existing hole’s dimensions.

Standard Sizes Don’t Work or Restricted Space

We have seen in the past that pet owners want a Hale Pet Door, but the standard size that they would like is too small for the pet, and the next size up is too large for the application in which they want to install into. A Hale Custom Dimension Pet Door solves this issue!

Whatever reason you may have for a custom sized pet door, the Hale Custom Dimension Pet Door for Walls is a perfect solution to meet your needs.

Please note: A custom built door can be returned for exchange within 30 days from the date of purchase for 50% credit towards the cost of a new door. No exchanges can be made after 30 days. New door will be shipped upon receipt and inspection of original door.

Hale Custom Dimension Pet Door for Walls Features:

  • Polar vinyl flaps come in a single or dual flap option.
    • “Polar” Vinyl is used in Hale’s Flaps to allow flexibility during cold temperatures. Regular vinyl flaps don’t have as much flexibility in the same conditions.
    • Single Flap Option: Perfect for temperate/moderate climates.
    • Double Flap Option: Perfect for severe climates. Having two layers of flaps gives extra protection from the outside elements and improves overall energy efficiency.
  • Both single and double flap Hale Pet Doors are lined with weather stripping and magnets to provide an excellent seal and to protect against outside weather conditions.
  • Four extruded aluminum frame colors to choose from: White, Arizona Beige, Bronze, and Brushed Aluminum. Inside and outside frame colors can be chosen separately if you want them to be different!
  • A security locking cover that features a steel pin lock comes with the Hale Pet Door. Choose from three different loading directions!

Sizing Instructions

For clarity on the following, we use the “Rough Opening” dimensions to determine the sizing. Here is the definition of what we mean by that:

 “Rough Opening” Measurement: The “Rough Opening” is the hole that is cut into the door or wall in order to put in the pet door. This is generally used if you are switching from another brand pet door and had an existing pet door, or for people with French Doors that want to remove a pane of glass.

We also reference another measurement, the “tip to tip” measurement:

“Tip to Tip” Measurement: The tip to tip measurement or outside frame dimension measurement is the measurement of the pet door frame at the outside edges. 

When you install a pet door, the framing covers the “Rough Opening” hole and takes up additional space.  The tip to tip measurement can be used when the frame needs to fit in a restricted space such as under a window.

Please keep these definitions in mind when you measure and read our instructions.

For our sizing, we use the “Rough Opening” dimensions. For example, if the rough opening you have measure 8” wide by 12” tall, that would fall within the 90” to 113” size as 8” x 12” is 96”.

Once you get your rough opening square inch measurement, you can choose the appropriate size range your measurement falls into. Please note that our sizes are ranges to help us price your pet door, and are not adjustable. Your pet door is made to fit exactly the measurement you give us.

To Measure for a New Rough Opening

In order to measure a new rough opening, draw with a pencil or mark with masking tape the location in which you wish to install your new pet door. Measure the width and height of this opening.

This will be your rough opening measurement. Write down your measurements and convert the fractions into decimals. We have a handy chart below that can help you convert your fractions into decimals. Once you have your measurements converted into decimals, multiple the width by height and round up to the nearest whole number to calculate the overall square inches. Then find where that number you calculated falls into our sizing chart.

Please note, the actual opening that your pet will use (flap size) will be 2” narrower and 2” shorter than the rough opening. For example, a rough opening of 8” wide and 12” tall will give a passage opening of 6” wide and 10” tall.

To Measure an Existing Rough Opening

If you have an existing pet door already installed, you may need to remove some existing structure to get the correct measurement. If the existing pet door will be installed in a multi-lite French Door, the measurement can be gained simply by measuring the visible glass.

If there is an existing pet door installed in a door or wall, you will usually need to remove the door temporarily to measure the size of the cutout.  This height and width should be used as described above to determine the size and price of the pet door to be ordered.

Calculating the tip to tip measurement based on your rough cut out dimension

Knowing the tip to tip measurement of your pet door may be important if you are working with limited space or just need to know how much space the pet door will take up in general.

Here is how to calculate the tip to tip measurement:

Rough Cut-Out Dimension Width + 1 ¼” = the Tip to Tip Measurement Width
Rough Cut-Out Dimension Height + 1 ¼” = the Tip to Tip Measurement Height

Calculating Rough Cut Out Based on Required Flap Size

The flap size is an important factor for your pets when they use the pet door, as they need to fit appropriately through the pet door. If you need a certain flap size, here is how to calculate what the rough opening needs to be:

Flap Width + 2 1⁄16” = the Rough Cut-Out Width
Flap Height + 1 ⅜” = the Rough Cut-Out Height

Decimal Conversion Chart

Decimal Conversion Chart


Decimal Equivalent
































Product Specifications

  • Flap Material – Made of clear, flexible 3/16” PVC vinyl. Comes in single or double flap option
  • Pet Door Frame – Made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum with steel reinforced corners.
    • Inner Frame - Made of two separate metal extrusions. Both metal pieces are 0.063” thick. Three of these sides entrap the security cover.
    • Outer Frame – Made of extruded aluminum (6063-T5) with a wall thickness of 0.063”. Sleeves into the inside frame.
    • Self-Framing – The Hale Pet Door self-frames, so no need to frame out any holes in the door. Fits doors 1 3/8” to 2” in thickness.
    • Flange - Outer flange is 0.70” thinner than the inner flange to allow the frame to sleeve together.
  • Energy Efficiency and Sealing Value
    • Double flap – The double flap option adds an extra layer of insulation for your home and extra protection against outside elements.
    • Nylon Pile Weather Stripping – Hale Pet door flaps are surrounded by a ½” nylon pile weather stripping for added insulation. The nylon is woven into a backing that is 9/32” wide and 1/32” thick.
    • Alnico 5 Magnets for sealing – Alnico 5 magnets are made from aluminum, nickel, and cobalt alloy. They are known for their strong magnetism which gives the flap strength and durability in its sealing. The number of magnets on the flap is determined by the flap size.
    • Strikes – Manufactured out of ferrous stainless steel. The strikes are 1 ½” long, ¾” tall, and 1/32” thick. It is U-Shaped with interior prongs, and when squeezed onto the PVC vinyl flap, the barbed prongs hold firmly.
  • Security Locking Cover
    • Security Cover – The security cover is made of ¼” thick King Starboard or 3/16” Lexan polycarbonate sheet, both of which are extreme shock and impact resistant. Security cover has a 3/8” diameter locking hole and a ¾” diameter handle hole. Can be installed inside and outside. Drill bits included.
    • Pin Lock – The pin lock is mounted on the frame of the pet door. The pin lock secures the security cover in place with a ¼” diameter positive action steel pin encased with 5/32” thick fabricated plated steel.
  • Raincap
    • Awning – An optional raincap or awning attachment is available. The raincap hooks to the outside frame for use in diverting water and preventing in from entering the pet door.
  • Carpeted Wall Tunnel
    • Olefin Nylon Carpet – The Olefin nylon carpet that covers both the inner walls and bottom of the wall mount tunnel is stain, mold and mildew resistant. It also prevents any heat or cold transfer from the metal so your pet can walk through comfortably in any weather condition. Easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner!
  • Door Thickness Accommodation
    • Sizing - The vast majority of doors are between 1 3/8" and 2" thick and our door model is designed to easily fit these doors. If your door is thicker than this, please order our wall model. If your door is between 5/8" and 1 3/8", you can still order our standard door but the door will need to be modified. A buildout will be required to add to your installation so that will space the door frames the correct distance apart.

    Hale Pet Door 5 Year No Fault Warranty

    Please see Hale Pet Door’s 5 Year Warranty Terms here



    Hale Pet Door Shipping Times

    • Hale Pet Doors ship via FedEx Ground from Canon City, Colorado. Please reference the map below to calculate shipping times.
    • Hale Door Mounts and Wall Mounts generally take 1-5 business days to manufacturer before shipping out.
    • Custom options on door and wall models can take 7-10 business days to manufacture.
    • All glass models, such as panels or windows, ship in 3-4 weeks due to manufacturing process.


    Hale Pet Door Shipping Times

    Measuring Your Pet

    Measuring your pet for a pet door is quite simple. Follow the simple instructions below to accurately measure your pet in order to choose the right size for your pet.

    1. Measure the Height

      Measuring the height of your pet is simple. The height will be used to determine how high you can install the pet door. Grab a tape measure and measure from the ground to the tallest point of your pet’s back. We suggest adding an inch or two to this measurement just to be safe.

      The top of the flap should be at least 1" above the top of the dog's back

    2. Measure the width of your pet

      The width will be used to determine the width of the flap that you will purchase. All you need to do is open a door wide enough so that your pet can walk through comfortably. Once your pet walks through, measure that width of the opening and add an inch or two for safety.

      Measure how wide of an opening your pet can fit through, don't measure the pet directly
    3. Measuring the Step-Over / Rise

      The step over or “rise” is the measurement from the bottom of your door or wall to the base of the pet door. This is basically the height that your pet must step over in order to get through the door. Please note that this measurement should be factored in with the pet’s height you measured earlier when choosing an appropriate pet door height. With step overs, the lower they are, the easier it is for the pet to get through. For dogs with health issues such as arthritis or are of old age, it is recommended that you have a small step over.

      Make sure your pet can comfortably step over the distance between the pet door and the ground

    To summarize, here is a diagram of the measurements you should take:

    Flap height + step over = total height. The total height should be at least 1" taller than the top of the pet's back

    Measuring Your Door or Walls

    Besides measuring your pet, you also have to measure your door or wall when installing a pet door. There are two measurements you must take into consideration: the rough opening size and the outer frame size. The rough opening size is the actual size of the hole that you will be cutting into your door or wall. Generally the inner frame of the pet door will fit in there. The outer frame measurement is the measurement of the outer framing of the pet door that’s usually a couple inches larger. For tight spaces, this outer frame measurement is important to know.

    Outside frame dimension and rough opening measurement

    Measuring for a Sliding Glass Door Pet Door

    Measuring your sliding glass door is a must before purchasing a sliding glass door panel pet door. There generally isn’t a standard height for sliding glass doors and they can vary greatly from brand to brand.

    Here’s how to measure:

    Place the end of the measuring tape you use up inside the track as high as it will go and measure down a convenient distance and then draw a line with a pencil.

    Then, put the end of the measuring tape down into the track towards the bottom and start measuring from the line you drew previously.

    Simply add those two numbers together and you got your track height.

    If you measure all at once, you might not get the most accurate number as the measuring tape curves towards the bottom. The different sizing ranges for panels is precise and if you happen to mis-measure, it will become a hassle.

    Other Things to Consider When Choosing the Correct Size Pet Door

    If you currently have a puppy or kitten, remember that they will continue to grow. Finding out the size that they will be approximately can help you make the right purchase. People often judge this based on their parents’ size.

    Having a door that is mounted low gives more comfort for pets to step over. Young pets should have no problem going through a door, but as they age, having a higher step over can become an issue for pets with health issues.

    Making sure the pet door is tall enough for your pet is also crucial with age as having a pet door that is too short will require hunching from your pet, which over time can be hard on your pet’s hips. Flaps will generally last longer too if the pet isn’t rubbing against the top part of the door as well.

    If you have multiple pets, make sure that the door you get can accommodate all of them. It must be low enough for the shortest pet to step over but also tall enough for the tallest one to fit through comfortably.

    Got any questions on measuring? We're here to help. Call us at (888) 557-PETS or send us an email at contact@petschoicesupply.com. 

    Installation Instructions

    Hale Pet Door for Walls Installation Instructions

    Click here for the Hale Pet Door for Walls Installation Instructions


    Hale Pet Door 5 Year Warranty

    Click to see Hale Pet Door’s 5 Year Warranty Terms here

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