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Author: Sergio M.

As pet owners, we want nothing but the best for our furry friends. When it comes to grooming our dogs, choosing the right shampoo plays a crucial role in maintaining their coat's health and overall well-being. While it may be tempting to use human shampoos for convenience, it's essential to understand the key differences in pH between human and canine skin. In this blog, we'll delve into the importance of using professional grooming dog shampoos and why they should be your go-to choice for your beloved four-legged companions.

The pH Difference:

One of the primary reasons why using human shampoos on dogs is not recommended is due to the significant pH difference between human and canine skin. Human skin has a pH level ranging from 5.2 to 6.2, which is more acidic than that of dogs. On the other hand, a dog's skin pH level ranges from 6.2 to 7.4, leaning towards the alkaline side. Using shampoos formulated for humans can disrupt the natural pH balance of a dog's skin, leading to a range of potential problems.

Skin Irritation and Dryness:

The use of human shampoos on dogs can result in skin irritation and dryness. The difference in pH levels can strip the natural oils from a dog's skin, causing it to become dry, itchy, and prone to flakiness. Additionally, human shampoos may contain harsh chemicals and fragrances that can further aggravate a dog's sensitive skin, potentially leading to dermatological issues and discomfort.

Disruption of Microbiome:

Every living being, including dogs, has a delicate balance of microorganisms on their skin's surface, forming what is known as the skin microbiome. This microbiome acts as a protective barrier against harmful bacteria and helps maintain skin health. Using human shampoos can disrupt this balance, negatively impacting the microbiome and making dogs more susceptible to infections and skin issues.

The Benefits of Professional Grooming Dog Shampoos:

Professional grooming dog shampoos are specifically formulated to cater to the unique needs of canine skin and coat. These shampoos are designed to maintain the proper pH balance, ensuring that your dog's skin stays healthy and free from irritation. Here are some key benefits of using professional grooming dog shampoos:

  1. pH Balanced Formulas: Professional grooming dog shampoos are formulated to match the pH levels of a dog's skin, helping to preserve the natural oils and prevent dryness or irritation.

  2. Gentle and Safe Ingredients: These shampoos contain gentle and safe ingredients that are specifically chosen to suit a dog's sensitive skin. They are free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and additives that could potentially harm your pet.

  3. Targeted Solutions: Professional grooming dog shampoos offer a wide range of options to address specific concerns such as sensitive skin, allergies, fleas, or excessive shedding. You can choose the most suitable shampoo based on your dog's needs.

Recommendations from Our Website:

To ensure you're using the most ideal shampoo for your furry friend, we recommend exploring the following professional grooming dog shampoos available on our website:

  • Green Groom Odor Eliminator Dog Shampoo: Green Groom's Odor Eliminator Shampoo means No More Wet Dog Smell! This pet grooming shampoo is crafted with Odortrol. It helps to break down odors at the molecular level, leaving your pet's coat smelling fresh. It gently cleans, conditions and enriches the skin and coat. Luxury meets nature with our antioxidant-rich, natural shampoos and conditioners. BUY NOW
  • Bark2Basics DeShedding Conditioner: Is your doggo a FURocious shedder? Meet Bark2Basics DeShedding Conditioner! Crafted to loosen the undercoat, our conditioner combats shedding at the root with strengthening chamomile extract, coconut oil fatty acids, and vitamin E. You'll see a dramatic reduction in shedding when used on a regular basis. BUY NOW
  • Petology Sensitive Therapeutic Conditioner, 16 oz: The Petology Sensitive Therapeutic Conditioner is a natural and gentle pet grooming conditioner. It is a sulfate-free formula that combines beta glucan, aloe, colloidal oatmeal, essential vitamins and natural cleansers. This formula helps to relieve itching and irritation. It is also infused with an advanced blend of botanicals and other mild ingredients. The Sensitive Therapeutic Conditioner gives off a fresh natural aroma that eliminates odors for days. Dilutes 16:1. BUY NOW 
  • The Coat Handler Undercoat Control Deshedding Dog Shampoo: The Coat Handler's Undercoat Control Deshedding Dog Shampoo combats shedding at the root. This specially formulated dog grooming conditioner is crafted in small batches. Made with Omega 3, 6 fatty acids, and vitamin E, it helps loosen undercoats. It also helps combat shedding by adding strength to the hair root. All this while achieving proper moisture levels to help the skin and coat long-term. You'll see a dramatic reduction in shedding by using the Undercoat Control Deshedding Dog Shampoo on a regular basis. BUY NOW

These are only four recommendations, but we take pride in offering a wide selection of over 200 professional grooming shampoos and conditioners on our website.

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