You are eligible for up to a maximum coverage of $1,000 per claim. Once a customer has filed a chargeback against an order it is no longer eligible for a claim.


Orders will be deemed as lost with no movement on the last checkpoint from courier tracking provided by the Merchant after 7 days. Claims for lost shipments must be filed within 30 days of order date.

Delivered but not received

Customer may be required to fill out an affidavit or police report to be eligible for stolen or delivered not received claims. Customer must have courier tracking provided by Merchant proving package was delivered successfully. Claim must be filed within 7 days of order delivery date.

Wrong Item

Customer may be required to fill out an affidavit and must provide a photo of the received item that does not match the item ordered. Merchant is responsible to properly represent the item(s) sold to Customer. If Merchant misrepresented the item(s) sold OP has the right to reject these claims until Merchant has corrected the imagery. We will be responsible only if you receive an item that you did not order, otherwise we will proceed in accordance with our Refund & Return Policy

Damaged Items

If you find that your package was damaged upon delivery, you should contact Order Protection as soon as possible. They will provide you with instructions on how to submit a claim and how to receive compensation. You may be required to provide proof of the damage, such as photos or a detailed description.

To learn more about the Order Protection policy please visit:


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