Grooming: Choosing The Right Dog Clipper System To Suit Your Needs

When it comes to your grooming business, staying up to date with your equipment is key. Outdated methods of grooming cost you time and energy, and thus, money.

When it comes to clippers - do you need something handy and portable for mobile grooming, or do you need something more robust with extra options to use in your salon? Increasing the number of grooms you can get done each day enhances your bottom line and grows your business.

One great way to increase your productivity is to consider a new clipper system. At we’ve got a great selection of professional clipping systems to help you do more business and groom better, no matter what type of grooming business you have.


Double K 401 Portable Animal Power Clipper

Are you a mobile grooming professional that wants a clipper system with an extra boost? Or, just need to be able to move freely around your salon?

The Double K 401 Power Clipper is a great and well-known solution for you. It cuts easily through thick, dense or dirty hair while operating very quietly, in virtual silence at low speeds! 

With five times the power of conventional clippers, the 1/8 horsepower Power Clipper cuts faster and smoother than any other clipper. The variable speed control offers speed adjustments from 100 to 4500 RPMs. With 9000 blade strokes per minute and the greatest range of blade motion in its class, the Power Clipper is unsurpassed in fine clipping capability.



Double K 401 Belt Mounted Power Clipper

For higher power (but wired) grooming, the Double K 401 Belt Mounted Power Clipper is just what you need. Like its portable counterpart above, it’s also virtually silent as it operates, making the comfort of the animals you are grooming unmatched. As every groomer knows, a calm animal is way easier to groom!

Boasting 9,000 blade strokes per minute, this clipper system has five times the power of conventional clippers. Its unique cable drive system transfers power from the motor to the handpiece allowing the handpiece itself to remain cool during clipping. The Double K Groomer’s Edge power clipper handpiece works with all "snap-on" style blades.

Depending on the size of your salon and the area where you are going to station your clipper, you can choose from different cable lengths, starting at 6 feet and going as long as 20 feet.


A Clipper Solution For Every Need

If you have questions about our clipping systems and want more information, please contact our customer service department. We have been helping groomers for years and are happy to answer any questions you may have.