Introducing: VetTriage Telehealth Service for Pets

By Pet Pro Supply Co. Featured Veterinarian,
Dr. Shadi Ireifej DVM DACVS
Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at VetTriage

 Dr. Shadi Ireifej - Featured Veterinarian at Pet Pro Supply Co.


VetTriage Telehealth Service

VetTriage is the world’s first and only direct to pet owner veterinary telehealth provider. We provide on-demand video chat sessions with licensed veterinarians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no appointments needed. This novel, state-of-the-art veterinary telehealth technology can help pet parents regardless of their location all around the world and at any time. Although most pets triaged on VetTriage are dogs and cats, the company has also greatly aided parents of guinea pigs, hamsters, sugar gliders, rabbits, fish and birds.


VetTriage for Pet Owners

The goal of VetTriage is to provide pet owners peace of mind in the event they feel their pet is experiencing a medical emergency. This triage session is performed via the utilization of our proprietary, secure video chat technology developed by our in-house programming team. In creating our own software, we have full control over its quality, confidentiality, security, and evolution. With any desktop or mobile device, you can have access to this one-of-a-kind service whenever you need it.

So what is “triage”? Triage is a common medical term that describes the ability of medical professionals to decipher which patient has a true emergency. Additionally, by triaging a patient, we are able to categorize patients in order of least critical to most critical. This method allows for appropriate allocation of medical attention in busy medical facilities, as well as prioritizing those with the sickest pets over those with less concerning or immediate illness or trauma. We all know that time is of the essence when it comes to our pet’s health. Triaging allows for our doctors to quickly evaluate your pet and direct the team’s efforts efficiently and appropriately. 

This service has proven incredibly valuable to a wide variety of pet parents since its launch in early 2020. Any pet owner can utilize this unique service! With that being said, some examples of reasons why folks have decided to seek the assistance of VetTriage include acquiring a second medical opinion, having follow-up questions or concerns from another doctor, confirming the need for an in-person veterinary consultation with a veterinarian, medical or physical disabilities of the pet parent that hinder an in-person veterinary visit, folks living in a remote area void of nearby veterinarians, situations where the illness or trauma occurred after-hours to their family veterinarian, situations where the pet strongly dislikes veterinarian visits, and families with financial limitations. These are just a few of the reasons. The possibilities are endless.

The steps to using VetTriage are simple. Log on to Within seconds you can create an account and process the payment through PayPal. The cost is the same regardless of what kind of pet you have, what kind of trauma or illness your pet is experiencing, your location in the world, and how long the session with the doctor takes. Within a couple of minutes of requesting a session, you will be connected with one of our experienced, compassionate, and trusted doctors of veterinary medicine. After the session is complete a thorough summary will be e-mailed to you for your own records and reference. 


VetTriage Clinic Support

VetTriage doesn’t only help pet owners! We also provide after hours and overflow services to veterinary facilities.

Most veterinary hospitals are not open 24-hours a day and pay for an answering service or an on-call veterinary professional for after-hours questions and concerns. Many are located in remote areas, distanced very far from any other veterinary hospital, resulting in an incoming caseload that often exceeds their ability to give full attention to every pet owner that calls with a question or concern. 

VetTriage can be that service; we can provide triage sessions to any existing or new client anytime, day or night. We are a seamless extension of your veterinary facility, at no cost to the hospital! Utilizing telehealth gives your valuable clients the excellent attention and care your facility provides during normal business hours. In addition, we lower the cost of operations for clinics and allow the doctors and staff to take a much needed break on nights, weekends, and holidays. Your cases remain your cases and with most cases not needing a visit to a costly 24-hour hospital, your patients could see you for a follow up visit in the coming days.  In those instances where emergencies occur that require immediate attention our team will direct the owner to the nearest 24-hour emergency facility, so that precious time isn’t lost. We can do the hospital search for the pet parent while the pet is being gathered and loaded into their car.

VetTriage is already challenging the status quo of veterinary telehealth. We are spearheading a movement never before seen in the veterinary field. We will continue to fight towards the evolution of veterinary telehealth for many years to come!


VetTriage Partnership with Pet Pro Supply Co.

VetTriage is excited to partner up with Pet Pro Supply Co. in spreading education to both the pet owner and veterinary community, as well as in promoting a wide variety of excellent veterinary and animal care products! We hope that the products and insight on will excel the level of animal care at your hospital or home, giving your pet or patient the best quality of life that can be achieved.


About Dr. Shadi Ireifej:

Dr. Shadi Ireifej

Dr. Shadi Ireifej DVM DACVS is the Chief Medical Officer at VetTriage. He holds degrees from SUNY Binghamton and Cornell University and has practiced as a veterinary surgeon all across the United States. Follow him on Instagram @dr.shadi.ireifej and subscribe to his YouTube channel (Dr. Shadi Ireifej).



About VetTriage:

VetTriage is the world’s foremost provider of veterinary telehealth services. With VetTriage, pet owners have immediate access to triage advice from licensed veterinarians. Follow them on Instagram @vettriage and Facebook (


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