Why the Variocage Dog Travel Crate for Pet Travel?

MIM Variocage - The Only Crash Tested Dog Travel Crate

Dogs are very important to people these days. They really are considered to be a man’s best friend. The more you love and protect them, the more they will love and protect you!

It is very important to love and protect your dogs because they are the ones that can help you in other things. The proper handling and caring is a must for dogs especially when travelling.

MIM Variocages are especially made for dogs for their utmost protection. Variocages is known for its structure of steel that exceeds and meets the highest stage of safety.

Variocages are the ones that can be seen on the market that that exceed the demands of a fender-bender collision. Variocages are flexible in absorbing any impact and they are known for their strong structure.

They are designed with a feature of an escape door in the end so that you can easily avoid unnecessary events that can hurt your dog. These cages are definitely silent and are not after creating any destructive noise.

All units and models that are created are equipped with strong straps for securing the crates and cargos have their safety locks and rubber carpet. The quality of these crates is incredible and they are known to last for a long period of time. And, you can spend less money for the maintenance.

Why should you choose an MIM Variocage?

  • The MIM Variocage is the one and only crash tested dog travel cage on the market these days. It has been tested with both rear collision and frontal; and also it undergoes a drop test. All of the tests including the crash test were done by the Technical Research Institute in Sweden.
  • All MIM Variocage models can be adjustable; it only means that you can adjust the depth for your trunk. The Variocages are very flexible even if you change your car.
  • MIM Variocages comes with a lock and key and assures you of your dog’s safety.
  • It has an escape doorway; it is very helpful for your dogs to come out of the cage. This is especially if a collision takes place.
  • It also comes with a mat that is ribbed rubber which you can put at the bottom of the cage. Thus, this is resistance and is proven to be helpful in collecting dirt.
  • MIM Variocages is made with tubes that are telescopic and the floor and the roofs are also separated into two parts. Thus, this allows you to adjust the depth of the cage.
  • MIM Variocagess comes with a crumple zone and this allows you and your dog to be safe. The cage is resistant from any impact brought by unnecessary accident/ event.

Having a MIM Variocage is very important these days. This is especially if you don’t know where accidents may happen. MIM Variocage is very helpful as it serves as your protection. It comes with different styles and designs that make it even more unique!

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