The Endura Flap is built to last, weather tight, and the longest lasting pet door on the market.

Prevents Drafts like Dual Pane Glass

Would you buy a storm door that does not close all the way? Probably not.

Most pet doors on the market today only have magnets that only line the bottom of the flap, which over time can loosen and can create leaks within the flap, causing drafts and other elements to enter your home. 

The Endura Flap has magnets lined along the sides as well as the bottom of the flap to create a full magnetic seal to ensure there are no gaps and leakage in the flap.

magnets show in pink attract firmly together in all temperature conditions to create a positive seal the full height of the flap

A single sheet flap found in most pet doors today generally does not do enough to insulate, similar to how dual pane glass insulates versus a single pane piece of glass. Most pet doors today are no larger than a 1/8 inch thick piece of vinyl that separates the outside from the inside of your house. 

The way that Endura Flap separates itself from its competition is the flap it uses. The flap consists of a sealed plastic unit that is not only slightly thicker than a piece of dual-pane glass, but also gives similar insulation value as well. 

Endura Flap air demonstration

Heat transfer across an air space in a sealed unit is caused by air currents moving within the space. These currents are caused by the continuous heating and cooling of the air inside the unit. The Endura Flap™ doggie door is divided by horizontal barriers which serve to reduce the effect of these air currents.

A trade off - We could have filled the flap interior with insulation for better insulation performance. We didn't for the same reason that dual pane windows aren't filled with insulation: It's better if you can see through.

Maintains flexibility and sealing at -40 ° F

Although the chance of injury from having a rigid flap pet door is rather small, it does happen sometimes and that is what Patio Pacific had in mind when designing the Endura Flap Pet Door. The Endura Flap Pet Door's flap is soft and flexible, which mitigates the risk of any pinching that a rigid door may cause.

-40 degree F pet door

With most other pet doors' flaps being made of vinyl, they are set up for failure in the long term from exposure to hot and cold weather. In hot weather, they will eventually warp in size. In extreme cold weather, they become stiff and dont retain any flexibility to close properly. They can even crack and break in cold environments after enough wear. 

When the Endura Flap was manufactured, this was kept in mind, and instead of using vinyl, the manufacturer uses a polyolefin-based polymer which remains flexible to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Stays sealed against winds up to 50 MPH

Pet doors that leak when there are currents in the outside air can not only be uncomfortable, but can also prove costly when you're heating or cooling your house. 

The Endura Flap was engineered to mitigate winds up to 50 MPH and has been extensively tested in a wind tunnel to perfect this feature. Compared to other popular brands, others were only able to withstand up to 20 mph.


Adjustable Magnet Strength

Most Endura Flap customers are satisfied with the default wind resistance that comes with the Endura Flap Pet Door out of the box; however, magnet kits are also available to increase resistance for customers who need to do so. All sizes can accommodate up to two additional magnet pairs on the bottom of the flap, which increases the magnet strength anywhere from 50% to 300% depending on which flap size. 

Conversely, some Endura Flap Pet Door buyers like to temporarily remove some of the magnets on the bottom, which allows the flap easier to open for their pets. This is generally done when pet owners are training their pets how to use the door, or if customers have multiple pets using the door with a smaller pet. Removing a magnet allows the smaller pet to utilize the door in an easier manner without jeopardizing the sealing value or wind resistance by a noticeable amount.  


UV Resistant for longer lasting use

Being exposed to the sun all the time, most vinyl flaps will eventually warp in size, yellow in color, and harden and crack. This causes many pet door owners to repurchase replacement flaps every year or two, and they are not cheap!

the endura flap uses powerful ultraviolet retardant

The Endura Flap however uses a powerful UV retardant on its flaps and prevents cracking and wrinkling in the sun. Tested in a test chamber using exposure equivalent to 2 years of Florida sunglight, there was no evidence of yellow coloring or degradation in the integrity of the Endura Flap. Using the same tests in other popular brands, there was significant damage found in these vinyl flaps.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Framing for top of the line durability

The toughest dogs out there won't be able to wear down, bend, or break the Endura Flap Pet Door's heavy-duty aluminum frame with constant everyday use. In this superior framing, customers can choose from a variety of colors as well, including: White, Tan, and Black.

Secure and strong locking cover

Locking covers are included with all Endura Flap Pet Door products (except Kennel doors). The included locking cover's strength is comparable to a sheet of steel that is 1/16th of an inch. The design of the cover does not allow for its removal from the outside or be kicked through. Removal from the inside is simple when needed, just utilize its spring latch system to remove.

Rotating flap to prevent tearing and chipping

The cost of replacing flaps over a long period of time will eventually surpass the actual cost of the overall door. Generally, with other brands, the flaps start breaking near the top where the flap flexes when the door is being used.

Rotating on a rod allows the flap to outlast other brands that flex at the top and tear over timeOver time, repeated flexing on the top part of these flaps causes them to tear or crack, similar to if you repeatedly flexed a coat hanger. The Endura Flap pet door's design however utilizes a rod that allows the flap to be rotated, thus eliminating any stress from flexing during use. This allows for longer lasting flaps and a more bang for your buck.

Environmentally Friendly Materials 

The Endura Flap Pet Door's flap is made of a polyolefin-based polymer (kind of like tupperware), which is essentially non-toxic and recyclable, making it great for the environment. Vinyl or PVC, which is the leading flap material in most other brands, is much harder to recycle and is no where near as environmentally friendly.

Backed by a 15 year warranty & made in the USA

The manufacturers of Endura Flap Pet Doors are so confident in their products that they are backed by a 15 year warranty with a 90 day return period. Endura Flap products are manufactured in San Luis Obispo, CA and is never outsourced overseas. 



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