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Endura Flap by Patio Pacific:
Dog Door for "People" Doors - Secure Door-Mounted Pet Door for Small, Medium, or Extra Large Dogs & Cats

Endura Flap "In Door" Dog Door units by Patio Pacific are designed specifically for installation into an indoor or exterior HUMAN DOOR, including all solid core, hollow core, metal or storm doors

For our wall-mounted pet doors, please see Patio Pacific Wall Mounted Installation.

Patio Pacific Endura Flap Pet Door for Doors - Key Features

  • Extreme performance Endura Flap - We get it, you're tired of replacing worn out, leaking flaps. You owe it to yourself to investigate the Endura Flap: the best, most highly engineered pet door flap ever made. It seals, it insulates and it will last forever! By the way, want to see what happens over time to the more traditional vinyl flaps? See our Leaky Flap page!
  • High aspect ratio design - Much easier to fit your pet. Improves security for medium to large sized pets. Easier to share with a smaller pet.
  • Optional Add-on Magnets - Helps to increase the already significant wind resistance of the pet door
  • Solid aluminum extruded framing - Features completely hidden hardware. No more flimsy frames with bolts showing all over.
  • Environmentally safe and friendly material - Green, unlike environmentally harmful vinyl (PVC).
  • Self-framing for all doors - 1/2" - 1 3/4 " single flap version and 1 3/4" to 2 1/4" double flap version. (Adjusting the single flap to less than 1 3/8" requires cutting the trim frame with a jig saw).
  • Sturdy locking cover - Locks pets in or out. Easy to use clip lock is better than the old spring-loaded pin locks. It's equivalent to 1/16" thick steel. 
  • Four sizes - From Small #6 for cats and small dogs to the Extra Large #12 for very big dogs.
  • Superior Warranty - 10 year warranty, 15 year warranty on the Endura Flap Assembly.
  • 100% Designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.

There has been lots of discussion as to why the Endura Flap is such a high performing pet door, but for engineers or those looking for some more technical information here is a 74-page dog door energy efficiency study showing what makes it so special.

Since 2001, Patio Pacific has been manufacturing the best performing pet door flap ever made, the Endura Flap Pet Door. Over the years, the design has continued to be refined, making this dog & cat door one of the highest quality, most flexible, great looking, and (most importantly) ultra-functional doggy doors on the market.

Available in both a single and a double flap version, and with four different sizes for any sized dog, cat, or both!

There are SO many reasons why the Endura Flap In Door Pet Door is an award winning dog door and why it is superior to other dog doors. You can find out additional details about the Patio Pacific Endura Flap Pet Door here.

If you have ever owned a pet door, get ready! You will be blown away by how much better this is than what you've had in the past.

If you've never owned a pet door before, then you're lucky because you'll never have to deal with the work, wasted money, and frustration of owning a cheap, low-quality pet door.


Sizing Information

Need help finding the best Endura Flap Wall Entry Pet Door size? Don't hesitate to call or email us. We'll help find the right size for your cat or dog!

  1. Cut a hole in a piece of cardboard that is the size of the flap you are interested in
  2. Place the cardboard with the hole, in the opening of a door, then coax your pet through (use treats if necessary)
  3. See what flap size and step over height (height from floor to bottom of where the flap will be installed) works best for your pet.

Click on the Sizing & Measuring tab for more details on how to measure the right size for your pet.

Flap Size & Stock No Flap Dimension Rough Cut Out Outside Frame Dimension Flap Type
6"w x 11"h 8 3/8"w x 15"h 9 7/16" w x 16" h Single
6"w x 10"h Double
8"w x 15"h 10 1/2" w x 19" h 11 1/2" w x 20" h Single
8"w x 14"h Double
10"w x 19"h 12 1/2"w x 23"h 13 9/16" w x 24" h Single
10"w x 18"h Double
Extra Large
12"w x 23"h 14 5/8"w x 27 1/8" 15 5/8" w x 28" h Single
12"w x 22"h Double
Number of Flaps
1 - Single Flap - On inside frame (same side as locking cover)
2 - Double Flap - One on each side. The included dead-air-space from the second flap adds significantly to the already considerable insulation and sealing capability.


Note: Larger Endura Flaps are not recommended for use by kittens or tiny dogs. Cats have been successful using the Small #06, however a few have found the Medium #08 difficult to use. We would not recommend using the Large #10 or Extra Large #12 or any of the double flap versions for cats.

Patio Pacific Endura Flap Pet Door 15 Year Comprehensive Warranty

To the original purchaser, Patio Pacific Inc warrants this product and all of its component parts to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 15 years from the date of delivery to the customer. Find out more here: Patio Pacific Endura Flap Warranty Terms & Details

Additional Product Details - Endura Flap In Door Pet Door by Patio Pacific

  • Manufacturer - Patio Pacific Inc
  • Your Maximum Pet Size - Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs
  • Climate Suitability - Severe-4 Season
  • Wind Resistance - Very High
  • Sealing Value - Very High
  • Self-Framing - Yes
  • Frame Material - Heavy Extruded Aluminum
  • Employs Patented “Endura Flap” - Yes
  • Insulation Value - Very High, High
  • Possible to Add Additional Magnets for Greater Wind Resistance - Yes
  • Flap Material - Engage
  • Flap Design - Single, Double, One Part , Flexible, Insulated Flap
  • Flap Colors - Clear
  • Flap Thickness - 7/8"
  • Award Winning Design - Yes
  • Replacement Flaps Available - Yes
  • Flap Warranty (if separate) - 15 years
  • Ability to Lock Flap - Separate Locking Cover-Loads from Top
  • Locking Cover Material - Dimensional ABS
  • Can Be Installed In - Solid Core Door, Hollow Core Door, Metal Door, Aluminum Door, Steel Door
  • Warranty Period - 10 years

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