Watchdog Security Pet Door Locking Cover

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Watchdog Security Pet Door Locking Cover - Pet Door Security Made Best

Made of heavy duty 12-gauge steel, the Watchdog Locking Security Pet Door cover utilizes a fastened on frame that secures your pet door with a combination lock. When you want to allow your pet to be able to access the pet door, you simply leave the cover open and unlocked. If you are away or want to disallow access for your pet, you simply close and lock the Watchdog Locking Security Pet Door with the combination lock. While locked, the cover clears any liability that your pet door may induce if left unsecure, giving you a peace of mind.

Actual pet door not included. Must be purchased separately.

Watchdog Security Locking Cover Features

  • The combination lock on the pet door cover is set by you once you receive it. Once you set it, store the code in a safe location. There is absolutely no way to unlock the combination lock without the code.
  • Can be painted over for your color of choosing. Comes in White.
  • The Watchdog Security Pet Door Locking Cover is securely fastened with heavy duty hardware designed for both door or wall installation.
  • A durable UV powder coated finish on the Watchdog locking cover helps resist any scratching, rust, and other elements that can tarnish your door.
  • There are two choices in opening directions for the Watchdog Security Locking Cover. The “Left” opening direction option means that the cover hinges are on the left when you are looking at the cover from the outside. The “Right” opening direction means the hinges of the cover are on the right side. You are also able to slide the cover off the hinges in cases where you don’t want to utilize the security feature.

Manufacturer Recommendation

You may believe that the Watchdog Security Cover should be mounted on the inside of the house; however, the manufacturer recommends that the cover be securely bolted to the outside of either your door or wall for a multitude of reasons:

  • Any potential intruders will initially be met with a steel barrier when examining any weaknesses in your home, rather than a pet flap that will attract attention. This will deter them from even trying.
  • The bolts used for the cover cannot be removed from the outside.
  • For wall installations, the outside of the wall is generally much stronger than any drywall interior. Bolting the cover onto a sturdier surface is of course the more ideal situation for security.


The sizing chart on this page shows a list of popularly produced pet doors and their fits with the Watchdog Security Pet Door Cover. We suggest that your first identify which model pet door you have and then determine what size is a good fit with yours.

    Large Watchdog Locking Security

    “Large” – Interior Opening of 11 X 17 1/2 with an Exterior Frame of 15 1/2 X 21 1/2 and 1/2″ Depth
    Manufacturer Flap Size Flap Dimension Outside Frame Dimension
    Ideal “Original” Extra Large “10-1/2″ X 15″ “12-1/2″ X 18″
    Ideal “Original” Large “9” X 15″ “10-1/2″ X 18-1/8″
    Ideal “Draft-Stopper” Medium “6-5/8″ X 11-1/4″ “8-1/2″ X 13-1/4″
    Ideal “Draft-Stopper” Extra Large “10-1/4″ X 15-3/4″ “12-1/4″ X 17-1/8″
    Ideal “Deluxe Aluminum” “ Extra Large “10-1/2″ X 15″ “11-3/4″ X 17-1/2″
    Ideal “Ultra Flex” Medium “6-5/8″ X 11-1/4″ “8-5/8″ X 13-5/8″
    Ideal “Ultra Flex” Extra Large “10-1/4″ X 15-3/4″ “12-1/4″ X 17-3/8″
    Endura Flap Medium “8” X 15″ “11-1/2″ X 20″
    PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Medium “9-5/8″ X 14-3/8″ “12-3/4″ X 17-1/2″
    PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Large “11-7/16″ X 18-1/16″ “14-3/4″ X 21-1/2″
    PetSafe Freedom Large “10-15/16″ X 17-5/8″ “12-3/4″ X 19-5/8″
    PetSafe Plastic & Extreme Large “15-1/8″ X 26-13/16″ “12-5/8″ X 20″
    PetSafe Classic Large “10” X 15″ “12-3/4″ X 18-3/4″
    PetSafe Quick Fit Medium “8” X 11″ “12-1/8″ X 17-1/2″
    PetSafe Ultimate Large “10-3/8″ X 15-3/4″ “15-1/2″ X 21″
    Pet-Corp Large “11” X 16-3/8″ “14-1/4″ X 20-3/8″
    Hale Medium “8-1/2″ X 12-1/2″ “11-9/16″ X 15-3/8″
    Hale Tall Medium “8-1/2″ X 16″ “11-9/16″ X 19-1/16″
    Hale Large “11” X 16″ “ “14-1/16″ X 19-1/16″


    X-Large Watchdog Locking Security

    “XLarge” Size – Interior Flap of 12 X 24 with an Exterior Frame of 16 1/2 X 28 and 1/2″ Depth
    Manufacturer Flap Size Flap Dimension Outside Frame Dimension
    Endura Flap Large “10”X 19″ “13-9/16″ X 24″
    Pride Large “11-1/2″ X 17″ “15-1/2″ X 19-3/4″
    Hale Tall Large “11” X 19-1/2″ “14-1/16″ X 22-9/16″
    Hale Tall Large + “11” X 23-1/2″ “ “14-1/16″ X 26-9/16″
    PetSafe Quick Fit Large “10-1/2″ X 14-1/2″ “15-3/4″ X 23-1/4″


    XX-Large Watchdog Locking Security

    “XX-Large” – Interior Flap of 16 X 26 with an Exterior Frame of 20 1/2 X 30 and 1/2″ Depth
    Manufacturer Flap Size Flap Dimension Outside Frame Dimension
    Endura Flap Extra Large “12” X 23″ “15-5/8″ X 28″
    PetSafe Freedom Extra Large “14-7/16″ X 25-1/8″ “16-3/8″ X 27-1/4″
    PetSafe Plastic & Extreme Extra Large “15-1/8″ X 26-13/16″ “16-1/8″ X 27-1/2″
    PetSafe Ultimate Extra Large “13” X 18-3/4″ “18-3/4″ X 23-3/8″
    PetSafe Classic Extra Large “13-3/8″ X 23″ “16-1/4″ X 27-1/4″
    Pride Extra Large “14-1/2″ X 19-1/2″ “18-3/4″ X 22-3/4″
    Ideal Original Super Large “15” X 20″ “18” X 24″
    Plexidor Large “11-3/4″ X 16″ “16-1/2″ X 19-1/4″
    Pet-Corp Extra Large “14-1/8″ X 23-5/8″ “17-1/2″ X 27-1/2″
    Hale Extra Large “14” X 19-1/2″ “17-1/16″ X 22-9/16″
    Hale Extra Large + “14” X 23-1/2″ “17-1/6″ X 26-9/16″




    Watchdog Security Pet Door Shipping Information

    Watchdog Security Pet Doors ship from Phoenix Arizona via FedEx or UPS ground. The security locking cover ships generally 1-2 business days after the order has been placed.

    For shipping times, please reference the map below based on your shipping address:


    Watchdog Shipping Times

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Lawrence Gross
    Heavy duty, well made pet security door

    This security door is heavy gauge steel with a nice powder coating. Very well made. Exactly what I needed to secure the dog door.

    Excellent door, owned two years

    This dog door has provided me much better sleep. I use it every night and sometimes during the day.

    Jenna Duncan
    Secure pet door cover

    I am very happy with the Watchdog security door, which fit perfectly over my current dog door, and finally gives me peace of mind. The door locks securely and would be very hard to get through. The quality is very good.

    Ethel L Houman
    It does the job we expected.

    The door works good and our Great Pyrenees can now go through the door much easier.

    Good Quality

    I have not installed door yet Waiting for exterior door installation but inspecting the doggie door it appears to be made well super heavy duty. Looks like it’s going to work well over a petsafe doggie door. Thanks 😄

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