Weatherproof Dog Doors

Weatherproof Dog Doors are essential for dog owners that live in climates that face adverse conditions on a consistent basis. The last thing you want to deal with when owning a dog door is a leaky flap that blows open, leaks air in/out, or lets rain/snow in! 

A weatherproof dog door is designed specifically to have a full seal and to not blow open, thus preventing outside conditions from coming in. Having a weatherproof dog door will ultimately keep the outside weather from entering your home and also help save on your energy bills.

We carry three weatherproof dog door brands, the Endura Flap Pet Door, Hale Pet Door, and Plexidor Pet Door. All are great options, and we suggest you take a look at each one before making the decision. Again, if you need help choosing, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help. 

Trying to learn the differences between the Endura Flap, Plexidor, and Hale Pet Doors? Read our brief overview here.